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Used Outboard Motors

We have 100's of used outboard motors, all makes and models. Please call 757-543-7595 and let us help you with your outboard motor needs.

Some of the companies that make outboard motors are Mercury, Evinrude, Johnson, Honda, Yamaha, Tohatsu, Suzuki, OMC and others. You can purchase an outboard motor online at varies sites and you can purchase parts for most brands if that is necessary. We have an online presence that can guarantee you an outboard motor that will work for your boat.

Outboard engines on boats where developed as a self-contained unit with engine systems and a propeller. It is mounted at the stern or rear of the boat and is the most common way to propel small boats. It provides steering controls and is designed to pivot and control the orientation of the propeller.

The two-stroke engines have high emissions and causes some environmental concerns that have added cost to the development of the technology. Hence, some people tend to prefer the four-stroke outboard motor. It has meet all expectations based on emissions standards and fuel savings.  It costs a little more to owned one of these motors but less to operate them. Weight issues are more important in four-stroke than 2 stroke cycle motor so you have to pay attention to what weight is in the boat and where that weight is placed.

For more information, please refer to the Outboard Motor Chart Guide

Outboard Motor Chart Guide


Make: The Manufacturer of the Engine

HP: The Engine’s Horsepower

Year: Year the Engine was manufactured

Shaft: Length of Engine’s center section

Model: Manufacturer provided Model Number

Cycle: 2/4 (often called 2/4 Stroke)

Condition: Refer to condition guide

Price: The price of the Engine, not including controls unless specified

If the Year section is left blank, this means the year could not be determined by the model or serial number on the engine.

If the Model section is left blank or contains an X, this means the manufacturer model number could not be recorded, usually do to wear.

Condition Guide


New: The Engine has never been mounted to a boat, and still includes a factory warranty.

Like New: The Engine has almost no wear and performs like a new engine.

Rebuilt: The Entire Engine or the Engine Power-Head has been rebuilt by our mechanic.

Great: Minor wear, performs flawlessly.

Good: Noticeable wear without loss of function.

Acceptable: Significant wear/External damage, operational but requiring service.

Poor: Aesthetically poor requires parts/service.

Parts/Scrap: Sold as scrap or to be dismantled for parts.


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