Load Rite - 2019 Aluminum Skiff Trailers

Load Rite Aluminum Skiff Trailers

Load Rite's aluminum skiff line is a stylish yet inexpensive model line, designed to transport any skiff boat. This offering has expanded over the years to include many new models. The basis of this line is Load Rite's patented I-Beam frames along with a support system engineered with the special needs of skiff and jon boats in mind. Tons of standard features plus a long list of options allow customization to any level a skiff owner could imagine.

LR-AS16220090SVLoad Rite LR-AS16220090SV

Model Suffix Codes: T = 1st position - torsion axle(s), S = 2nd position - skiff style, S = 3rd position - straight crossbars, V = 3rd position - bent crossbars, B = 4th position - brake equipped, 1,2 = 5th position axles with brakes

Bunk Type: C = All Wood Continuous Bunks

Target Type: - = None, T = Target Bunks

Aluminum ModelCapacitySUSPBow Eye To Transom MaximumBow Eye To Transom MinimumBunk TypeTarget TypeBrakesTire SizeOverall WidthBetween FendersOverall Length
LR-AS18220090TSS2,200T17' 6"13' 9"C-0ST175/13C90"72"21' 2"
LR-AS18245090TSS2,450T17' 6"13' 9"C-0ST205/14C90"72"21' 2"
LR-AS18245090TSV2,450T17' 6"13' 9"C-0ST205/14C90"72"21' 2"
LR-AS18245096TSV2,450S17' 6"13' 9"C-0ST205/14C96"82"21' 2"
LR-AS192200102SS2,200S18' 6"15'C-0ST175/13C102"82"21' 6"
LR-AS192200102SV2,200S18' 6"15'C-0ST175/13C102"82"21' 6"
LR-AS192800102TSS2,800S18' 6"15'C-0ST205/14C102"82"21' 6"
LR-AS192800102TSV2,800S18' 6"15'C-0ST205/14C102"82"21' 6"
LR-AS192800102TSSB2,800S18' 6"15'C-1ST205/14C102"82"21' 6"
LR-AS192800102TSVB2,800S18' 6"15'C-1ST205/14C102"82"21' 6"
LR-AS20220090TSS2,200T21' 8"16' 7"C-0ST175/13C90"72"22'
LR-AS20T4200102TSSB14,200S18' 8"16' 7"C-1, 2ST205/14C102"82"22' 8"
LR-AS212200102SS2,200S20' 5"16'C-0ST175/13C102"82"23' 3"
LR-AS212200102SV2,200S20' 5"16'C-0ST175/13C102"82"23' 3"
LR-AS212800102TSS2,800S20' 5"16'C-0ST205/14C102"82"23' 3"
LR-AS212800102TSSB2,800S20' 5"16'C-1ST205/14C102"82"23' 3"
LR-AS212800102TSV2,800S20' 5"16'C-0ST205/14C102"82"23' 3"
LR-AS213100102TSV3,100S20' 5"16'C-0ST215/14C102"82"23' 3"
LR-AS213100102TSSB3,100S20' 5"16'C-1ST215/14C102"82"23' 3"
LR-AS22T3000102TSS3,000S20' 7"18' 7"C-0ST205/14C102"82"25' 9"
LR-AS22T5200102TSSB15,200S20' 7"18' 7"C-1, 2ST205/14C102"82"25' 9"
LR-AS233100102TSS3,100S22'16' 4"C-0ST215/14C102"82"24' 9"
LR-AS233100102TSSB3,100S22'16' 4"C-1ST215/14C102"82"24' 9"
LR-AS233100102TSV3,100S22'16' 4"C-0ST215/14C102"82"24' 9"
LR-AS243100102TSS3,100S23'18'CT0ST215/14C102"82"26' 8"
LR-AS24T3700102TSSB13,700S23'18'CT1, 2ST175/13C102"82"26' 8"
LR-AS24T3700102TSVB13,700S23'18'CT1, 2ST175/13C102"82"26' 8"
LR-AS24T6000102TSSB16,000S22' 4"20' 5"CT1, 2ST215/14C102"82"27' 2"
LR-AS25T3700102TSSB13,700S23'18'CT1, 2ST175/13C102"82"26' 8"
LR-AS25T4000102TSVB14,000S23'18'CT1, 2ST215/14C102"82"26' 8"
LR-AS27T4200102TSSB14,200S25'18'CT1, 2ST215/14C102"82"28' 8"
LR-AS20220090SSLoad Rite LR-AS20220090SS


Standard Features

Popular Options

Patented I-Beam FrameAluminum Wheels
Torsion Axles - 102" Wide ModelsRadial Tires
Leaf Spring Axles - 90" Wide ModelsSecond Axle Brakes
Bead Balanced Wheel AssembliesElectric over Hydraulic Brakes
Disc Brakes where installedKodiak stainless disc brakes *
Continuous all wood bunksStainless Brake Lines
One-peice aluminum fenders - >90" Wide ModelsVault or Vortex Hubs
Galvanized FenderstepsLED Lighting
SideguidesHeat Shrunk Wire Splices
Tongue JackDrop-style tongue jack
2 plus 3 Years Coupler to Taillight WarrantyQuick-Slide bunk covers
Stoltz polu winch rollers
Target Bunks
Steady rest