Load Rite Aluminum Bunk Trailers

Load Rite Aluminum AB Bunk

Load Rite's Aluminum AB Bunk trailers feature patented Aluminum I-Beam frame, providing maximum strength and stability, while remaining light and corrosion resistant. AB Bunk trailers include gutters to protect and conceal wiring and brake lines. Integrated fastener channels help minimize unsightly U-bolts for fender and axle mounting. Load Rite's AB bunk system provides "the most adjustability and the best support of any bunk design on the market today".

Load Rite LR-AB21T5200102TB1Load Rite LR-AB21T5200102TB1

Target Type: - = None, K = Keel Pad, T = Target Bunks

Bunk Type: C = All Wood Continuous Bunks, AB = Steel Tube Mounted

Aluminum ModelCapacitySUSPBow Eye To Transom MaximumBow Eye To Transom MinimumBunk TypeTarget TypeBrakesTire SizeOverall WidthBetween FendersOverall Length
LR-AB16F1200T1,200T16' 4"9' 4"V-04.80x12C64"49"18' 3"
LR-AB161500801,500S16' 1"12'V-04.80x12C80"64"18' 7"
LR-AB171800721,800S17'13'V-0ST175/13C72"53"19' 2"
LR-AB172200802,200S17'13'V-0ST175/13C80"62"19' 2"
LR-AB17220090T2,200T17'13'C-0ST175/13C92"74"20' 4"
LR-AB17245090T2,450T17'13'C-0ST205/14C92"74"20' 4"
LR-AB182800102T2,800T18'14' 6"CK0ST205/R14C102"82"23'
LR-AB183100102TB13,100T18'14' 6"CK1ST215/R14C102"82"23'
LR-AB183600102TB13,600T18'14' 6"CK1ST225/R15D102"82"23'
LR-AB202200102T2,200T20'14' 6"CK0ST175/R13C102"82"24'
LR-AB202800102T2,800T20'14' 6"CK0ST205/R14C102"82"24'
LR-AB203100102TB13,100T20'14' 6"CK1ST215/R14C102"82"24'
LR-AB203600102TB13,600T20'14' 6"CK1ST225/R15D102"82"24'
LR-AB21T5200102TB15,200T21' 7"13' 6"ABT1, 2ST205/R14C102"82"23' 6"
LR-AB23T5200102LTB15,200T21' 7"16' 4"ABT1, 2ST205/R14C102"82"25' 4"
LR-AB25T6000102LTB16,000T23' 4"18' 5"ABT1, 2ST215/R14C102"82"27'
LR-AB25T6300102LTB16,300T23' 7"18' 10"ABT1, 2ST205/R15D102"82"27' 5"
LR-AB25T5200102LTB15,200T23' 7"18' 10"ABT1, 2ST205/R14C102"82"24' 5"
LR-AB26T6700102LTB16,700T23' 7"20' 7"ABT1, 2ST205/R15D102"82"28' 9"
LR-AB26T7300102LTB17,300T23' 7"20' 7"ABT1, 2ST225/R15D102"82"28' 9"
LR-AB26T8400102LTB28,400T23' 7"20' 7"ABT2ST225/R15D102"82"28' 9"
LR-AB27T6000102LTB16,000T26' 4"24' 10"ABT1, 2ST215/R14C102"82"29' 3"
LR-AB28T8400102LTB28,400T27'25'ABT2ST225/R15D102"82"31' 11"
LR-AB28R10400102TB310,400T26' 4"22' 5"ABT3ST205/R15D102"82"32'
LR-AB32R10400102TB310,400T29' 11"26' 5"ABT3ST205/R15D102"82"35' 5"
LR-AB32R12000102TB312,000T29' 11"26' 5"ABT3ST225/R15D102"82"35' 5"
LR-AB32R15000102TB315,000T29' 11"26' 5"ABT3ST235/R16D102"82"35' 5"
LR-AB34R12500102TB312,500T33' 3"30' 4"ABT3ST225/R15D102"82"37'
LR-AB36R15000102TB315,000T34' 9"30' 10"ABT3ST235/R16D102"82"39' 2"
Load Rite LR-AB32R10400102TB3Load Rite LR-AB32R10400102TB3


Standard Features

Popular Options

Patented I-Beam FrameSecond / Third Axle Brakes
Radial TiresElectric Over Hydraulic Brakes
LED LightingAluminum Wheels
Bead-Balanced wheel AssembliesRadial Tires
Torsion Axles (102" Wide Models)VAULT or Vortex Hubs*
Leaf Springs (72"/80"/90"w Models)Stainless Disc Brake Options
Disc Brakes (Where Installed)Quick-Slide Bunk Covers
Carpeted Wood BunksV-Bunks on single axle models
One Peice Aluminum Fenders ( >90" Wide Models)Target Bunks on single axle models
Plastic Fenders (64"/72"/80" Models)Swing Tongue
Aluminum Fender Step (102" Models to 8k lbs)Stainless Main Frame Hardware
Sideguides on all models (Excluding 64" Wide Models)Heat Shrunk Wire Splices
Tounge Jack (Excluding 64" Wide Models)Step Hull Bunks
2 Plus 3 Years Coupler to Taillight Warranty
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