Load Rite Aluminum Ski / Inboard and Roller Trailers

Load Rite Aluminum Ski / Inboard and Roller Trailers

Load Rite's Aluminum Ski boat and Inboard trailers are designed specifically to accommodate and protect propellers and rudders. Their patented Aluminum I-Beam frame provides exceptional strength while saving fuel and making the most of your towing capacity. It also features concealed channels to protect wiring and brake lines along the length of the frame.

Load Rite's bunk system provides the most adjustability and the best support of any bunk design on the market today. Thoughtfully designed with space between the front and rear bunks to accommodate sling loading. Adjustable vertically and horizontally, the bunks provide dramatically improved support compared to traditional solid wood bunks.

Load Rite LR-ASKI203600102TB1Load Rite LR-ASKI203600102TB1

Target Type: - = None, K = Keel Pad, T = Target Bunks

Bunk Type: C = All Wood Continuous Bunks, AB = Steel Tube Mounted

Aluminum ModelCapacityBow Eye To Transom Maximum*Bow Eye To Transom Minimum*BrakesBunk TypeTarget TypeTire SizeOverall WidthBetween FendersOverall Length
LR-ASKI203600102TB13,60018'14' 6"1ABTST225/R15D102"82"23' 1"
LR-ASKI20T4200102TB14,20019' 3"17' 1"1, 2ABTST205/R14C102"82"23' 8"
LR-ASKI22T5200102TB15,20020' 10"19' 7"1, 2ABTST205/R14C102"82"25' 6"
LR-ASKI24T6000102TB16,00023'21' 10"1, 2ABTST215/R14C102"82"26' 10"
LR-ASKI24T7300102TB17,30023'21'1, 2ABTST225/R15D102"82"28'
LR-ASKI26T8000102TB28,00025'22' 10"2ABTST225/R15D102"82"29' 5"
Load Rite LR-AR24T6000102TB2 Load Rite LR-AR24T6000102TB2

Load Rite Aluminum Roller Trailers

Aluminum ModelCapacityBow Eye To Transom MaximumBow Eye To Transom Minimum# of RollersBrakesTire SizeOverall WidthBetween FendersOverall Length
LR-AR182200102T2,20017'15'160ST175/R13C102"82"19' 7"
LR-AR183100102TB13,10017'15'201ST215/R14C102"82"19' 10"
LR-AR203100102TB13,10019'17'201ST215/R14C102"82"21' 9"
LR-AR20T4600102TB14,60019'17'321, 2ST205/R14C102"82"21' 9"
LR-AR22T5200102TB15,20021'19'401, 2ST205/R14C102"82"25'
LR-AR24T6000102TB16,00023'21'481, 2ST215/R14C102"82"26' 3"
LR-AR26T6000102TB16,00025'23'481, 2ST215/R14C102"82"26' 3"


Standard Features

Popular Options

Patented I-Beam FrameAluminum Wheels
Torsion AxlesSecond Axle Brakes
Radial TiresElectric over Hydraulic Brakes
Bead Balanced Wheel AssembliesKodiak stainless disc brakes *
LED LightingVault or Vortex Hubs
Carpeted wood bunkStainless Brake Lines
Disc Brakes where installedQuick-Slide bunk covers
Steel Bunk SupportsSwing Tongue
TPR Roller SystemHeat Shrunk Wire Splices
Tongue JackDrop-style tongue jack
One-piece Diamond-plate fendersStainless main frame hardware
Side-guides on all models
2 Plus 3 Years Coupler to Taillight Warranty
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