Load Rite - 2019 Galvanized Roller Trailers

Load Rite's roller models are the easiest trailers to load and launch. Ideal for poor ramp and tidal conditions. A roller model will load and have you high and dry in conditions where a bunk model will leave you waiting for ramp conditions to change.

The Galvanized steel frame design is sturdy and long lasting, with stylish fenders and graphic accents. The tubular frame rails hide and protect the wiring and brake lines.

Load Rite's patented TPR roller system offers the most articulation in the industry, allowing more roller to hull contact than the competition. The TPR Roller surface will not mar hulls, and the patented roller bushing assures a smooth load and launch every time. Available with a wide array of options, aluminum wheels make these models great looking, easy to use, and competitively priced.

22T4400TG1Load Rite 22T4400TG1

Galvanized Single Axle Roller Trailers

Galvanized ModelCapacitySUSPBow Eye To
Transom Maximum
Bow Eye To
Transom Minimum
BrakesTire SizeOverall WidthBetween FendersOverall Length
16150076DRW1,500S17' 3"12' 6"1604.80x12C76"62"18' 10"
16170076DRW1,700S17' 3"12' 6"160ST175/13C76"62"18' 10"
17150076DRW1,500S17' 3"12'160ST175/13C76"62"19' 10"
17220090RT2,200T17' 6"14' 1"160ST175/13C90"72"18' 11"
17245090RT2,450T17' 6"14' 1"160ST205/14C90"72"18' 11"
17266090RT2,660T17' 6"14' 1"160ST205/14C90"72"18' 11"
18150076DRW1,500S18' 1"12'160ST175/13C76"62"20' 7"
18240096RT2,400T17' 9"14' 11"160ST205/R14C96"77"20' 2"
18280096RT2,800T17' 9"14' 11"200ST205/R14C96"77"20' 2"
18310096RTB3,100T17' 9"14' 11"201ST215/R14C96"77"20' 2"
18360096RTB3,600T17' 9"14' 11"241ST225/R15D96"77"20' 2"
20280096RT2,800T19' 1"17' 9"200ST205/R14C96"77"21' 5"
20310096RTB3,100T19' 5"17' 9"201ST215/R14C96"77"22' 2"
21360096RTB3,600T19' 5"16' 7"241ST225/R15D96"77"22' 11"

Galvanized Tandem & Tri Axle Roller Trailers

Galvanized ModelCapacityBow Eye To Transom
Bow Eye To Transom
BrakesTire SizeOverall WidthBetween FendersOverall Length
22T3800TG13,80020' 5"16'241, 2ST175/R13C96"77"23' 10"
22T4400TG14,40020' 5"16'281, 2ST205/R14C96"77"23' 10"
22T4700TG14,70020' 5"16'321, 2ST205/R14C96"77"23' 10"
22T5000TG15,00020' 5"16'321, 2ST205/R14C96"77"23' 10"
22T5400TG15,40020' 5"16'361, 2ST215/R14C96"77"23' 10"
24T5000TG15,00022'18' 4"321, 2ST205/R14C96"77"26' 5"
24T5400TG15,40022'18' 4"361, 2ST215/R14C96"77"26' 5"
24T6100TG16,10022'18' 4"401, 2ST215/R14C96"77"26' 10"
25T6000TG16,00023' 9"20' 10"401, 2ST215/R14C98"77"27' 4"
25T6400TG16,40023' 9"20' 10"561, 2ST205/R15D98"77"27' 4"
25T8000TG28,00023' 9"20' 10"642ST225/R15D98"77"27' 4"
26T8000TG28,00024' 3"22' 3"642ST225/R15D98"77"28'
27T7400TG17,40024' 3"22' 3"641, 2ST225/R15D98"77"28'
28T8200TG28,20026'24' 2"642ST225/R15D98"77"30'
28R8650TG38,65026'24' 5"643ST215/R14C96"77"30'
29T9700TG29,70027'24' 2"642ST235/R16D98"77"30' 2"
30T9700YTG29,70027' 7"24' 4"802ST235/R16D98"77"32' 2"
30R11500TG311,50027' 7"24' 4"1043ST225/R15D98"77"32' 2"
30R12500TG312,50027' 7"24' 4"1043ST235/R16D98"77"32' 2"
30R15000TG315,00027' 7"24' 4"1043ST235/R16D98"77"32' 2"


Standard Features

Popular Options

Galvanized Steel FrameAluminum Wheels
LED Lighting (90" & Wider)Second Axle Brakes
Torsion Axles (96" & Wider)Stainless disc brake options
Disc BrakesStainless Brakelines
Radial Tires (Torsion Axles)VAULT or Vortex Hubs*
Bead-Balanced Wheel Assemblies (13"+ Wheels)Electric over Hydraulic Brakes
Fully articulated roller systemVAULT or Vortex Hubs
Thermo-plastic RollersDrop-Style Tongue Jack
Onc-Piece Aluminum Diamondplate Fenders (>90" Wide)Tongue Jack (16' & Under)
Tongue Jack (17' / 2000lbs +)Heat Shrunk Wire Splices
Drop Style Tongue Jack (Tri Axle Models)
2 Plus 3 Years Coupler to Taillight Warranty