Load Rite - 2022 Galvanized V-Bunk Trailers

Load Rite's galvanized V-Bunk models are tried and true, offering many years of worry-free service. The galvanized steel frame design is sturdy and long lasting, with stylish fenders and graphic accents. The tubular frame shape shrouds wiring and brake lines from damage during use. The bunks are a simple "set and forget" design.

Available with a wide array of options based on trailer size. Add aluminum wheels and you've just specified a fully functional and great looking trailer that's easy to use and very competitively priced.

SUSP (Suspension): S = Leaf Spring, T = Torsion
Bunk Type: E = Narrow Edge Up, V = Traditional Pivoting, Wide Surface Up.

Small V-Bunk Trailers

Galvanized ModelCapacitySUSPBow Eye To Transom MaximumBow Eye To Transom MinimumBunk TypeTire SizeOverall WidthBetween FendersOverall Length
1080057W800S10'7' 8"E4.80x8B57"41"14' 8"
1480057W800S14'7' 8"E4.80x8B57"41"16' 3"
14100057W1,000S14'7' 8"E4.80x12B57"41"16' 3"
14F800WT800T14' 6"10'V4.80x8B64"49"16' 4"
14F1000WT1,000T14' 6"10'V4.80x12B64"49"16' 4"
16F1200WT1,200T16' 4"9' 8"V4.80x12B64"49"18' 3"
16150076DW1,500S16' 1"12'V4.80x12C76"62"18' 7"
16150076VW1,500S16' 1"12'V4.80x12C76"62"18' 7"
16170076DW1,700S16' 1"12'VST175/13C76"62"18' 7"
16200090DWT2,000T15' 9"13' 6"VST175/13C90"72"17' 10"
18150076DW1,500S18' 1"12'VST175/13C76"62"20' 7"
18200090DWT2,000T18' 1"13' 6"VST175/13C90"72"20' 7"

Full Frame V-Bunk Trailers

Galvanized ModelCapacitySUSPBow Eye To Transom MaximumBow Eye To Transom MinimumBunk TypeBrakesTire SizeOverall WidthBetween FendersOverall Length
17220090VT2,200T17' 2"14' 11"V0ST175/13C90"72"19' 9"
17245090VT2,450T17' 2"14' 11"V0ST205/14C90"72"19' 9"
17266090VT2,660T17' 2"14' 11"V0ST205/14C90"72"19' 9"
17266090VB2,660S17' 2"14' 11"V1ST205/14C90"72"19' 9"
18240096VT2,400T17' 9"15' 7"V0ST205/R14C95"77"20' 4"
18280096VT2,800T17' 9"15' 7"V0ST205/R14C95"77"20' 4"
18310096VTB3,100T17' 9"15' 7"V1ST215/R14C95"77"20' 4"
18360096VTB3,600T17' 9"15' 7"V1ST225/R15D95"77"20' 4"
20280096VT2,800T19' 1"17'V0ST205/R14C95"77"21' 10"
20310096VTB3,100T19' 1"17'V1ST215/R14C95"77"21' 10"
21360096VTB3,600T19' 1"17'V1ST225/R15D98"77"23'


Standard Features

Popular Options

Galvanized Steel FrameAluminum Wheels
LED Lighting (90" & Wider, not welded)Radial Tires (90" & Under)
Leaf-Springs or Torsion SuspensionBrakes where available
Disc BrakesStainless Disc Brake Options
Radial Tires (96" & Wider)VAULT or Vortex Hubs*
Bead-Balanced wheel assemblies (13"+ wheels)LED Lighting (90" & Under)
Carpeted Wood BunksQuick-Slide Bunk Covers
Aluminum Diamond Plate or Plastic FendersHeat Shrunk Wire Splices
Tongue Jack (17' / 2,000lbs & Up)Sideguides on Single Axle Models
2 Plus 3 Years Coupler to Taillight WarrantySwing Tongue
Drop Style Tongue Jack
Tongue Jack (16' & Under)
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